Monday, May 21, 2012

Furry Friends

Today Kitty gives us the low down on her furry friend B-Gong. Although he can be intimidating at first, with his wolf-like features and large size, in reality B-Gong is a real sweet heart. It's impossible not to love him. See for yourself.

Name: B-Gong

Age: 6

Breed: Chow mix

Is there a story behind B-Gong's name? 
My sister and I couldn't decide on a name, but on the day we brought him home, my dad was sitting on the couch and called out "B-Gong!" The dog turned to acknowledge, so my dad decided that would be his name. My dad always had this running joke of how he called his friends B-Gong as a kid. The name's Chinese and is a funny way of calling someone an old man or Grandpa.

Likes: Morning walks in the park, chasing birds, basking in the sunshine, beef jerky, and playing fetch with his collection of toys.

Dislikes: Fireworks, lawnmowers, the mailman, and cats.

What are his favorite places to hang out? 
On the grass in the backyard and all over the house, wherever he can be near someone in the family.

What are his favorite treats? 
Pork bones from my mom's cooking, and rice.

What's the best thing about having your pet? 
B-Gong's my workout buddy; we walk and jog in the park everyday. He's definitely made my family more active and is great company to have, especially for my parents who are retired.

Who is B-Gong's best friend? 
My dad. B-Gong will follow him everywhere. It's probably because my dad's always feeding him treats on the side.

How would you describe B-Gong's personal style? 
He looks like a I'd say wild and rugged.

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  1. B-gong should be an extra on Game of Thrones! Is he part dire wolf? Rad.



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