Monday, May 7, 2012

furry friends

Linus is the newest addition to the BC Footwear crew. As the furry friend of our Marketing Director, Elaine, it's no surprise Linus is an outgoing pup who loves people. He stole all our hearts the second he stumbled into our office as a tiny puppy. He now tips the scales at 65 pounds, but he'll always be a baby to us!

Name: Linus

Age: 11 months

Is there a story behind your pet's name?
My friends know I'm huge Peanuts fan and I've always associated the name with a sweet-natured boy. Seeing as Linus is part Pittie, it was the perfect way to spoil misconceptions about his breed. Linus is the sweetest puppy you'll ever meet.

Likes: Meeting new pals, late night tug-of-war and anything to eat minus celery. Once he chews out the water, he's done.

Dislikes: Linus is living proof that there is truth to the saying, "Let sleeping dogs lie."

What are his favorite places to hang out? 
I'm pleased to report that he's been spending a fair amount of time in his flossy new teepee. Otherwise, any warm patch of sun is perfect for an afternoon snooze.

What are his favorite treats? 
Anything meat flavored. I might make him chicken broth snow cones this summer. Call me crazy dog lady, I don't care.

What's the best thing about having your pet? 
After a long day, Linus makes me quit thinking of my work to-do's, but what I really love is cuddle time with him in front of the TV.

Does Linus have a best friend? 
He's got two, my husband and the dog down the street, Cassius. Of course, he's willing to reconsider if you have an extra piece of chicken lying around.

How would you describe Linus's personal style?
Rough and tumble prep.

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