Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Cup of Joe.

 I think I have rambled about this before, but I love Joe Purdy. He is an amazing American Folk singer-songwriter that has released 10 albums in 8 years. He has worked with Pete Townshend and is someone you should travel far (if need be) to see live. 

No matter where you live, find your local Hotel Cafe, The Cutting Room or McCabes Guitar Shop and go support live music.

Let’s start a movement.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Trails.

Question: How fun would it be to go to a party and be able to perform trail mixology??

Answer: Very.


We are totally cracking up at Dyna Moe's illustrations of hipster animals. We definitely know some of these characters. Check out her tumblr, and now she's selling shirts with some of the best drawings, too!

music for your Monday

On Saturday we attended an event that absolutely blew our minds. Cinefamily and LA's Natural History Museum threw a huge party to celebrate a screening of Werner Herzog's 3D film Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Not only did we have late night access to all the amazing exhibits at the museum (hello gem and mineral room, you made me seriously crave some exotic crystal jewelry) but there were tons of amazing bands and dj sets. Here are a couple of our favorite bands from Saturday night.

Friday, April 22, 2011

tee shirt of the week

This laser cut tee is absolute perfection, and it's just the right thing to pair with our Beach House ruffle sandals.

tee: available at Need Supply
sandals: Beach House available at BC Footwear

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Get Your Color On.

the weather is getting warmer (hopefully) and what better way to get in the mood for a new season then to add a little brightness wherever possible. 

art imitates fashion or so the saying goes.  
(courtesy of The Beauty Junkee)

Monday, April 18, 2011

steal her look: Nicki Minaj

She earned the respect of Kanye West and Jay Z, and is a legitimate solo artist with a record of her own. Nicki Minaj is not only a queen of rhymes, she is an out of this world fashion icon. To quote the always original Nicki, "You should never be afraid to become a piece of art, it's exhilarating." Nicki professes that her essential fashion item is a pair of flat knee-high boots, so we created an outfit inspired by Miss Minaj, featuring BC Footwear's "In The Mood" boots. And of course we had to include lots of tricked out accessories and Nicki's trademark Barbie pink.



1. Acid Wash Denim Vest, $32.90 at Akira
2. Laura Kranitz Eyebrow Shades, $54 at Karmaloop
3. Brooklyn Double Finger Ring, $20 at Mini Mini Market
5. Flamingo Love Muscle Tank, $33 at Karmaloop
6. Metallic Nail Wraps, $12 at ASOS
7. In The Mood knee high boots, $140 at BC Footwear
9. BDG Cigarette Cut Acid Wash Jeans, $54 at Urban Outfitters

Friday, April 15, 2011

party in the desert.

This weekend, Coachella is bringing people and music together in the desert. In honor of this rad party, I attached some of the featured artists below.

If you are going, we want details pre, during and post festival. Don't forget to hydrate and bring your camera.

the swell season

mumford and sons

lauryn hill

jack's mannequin

tee shirt of the week

Can't get enough of this tribal fringe tee. Perfect with denim shorts or just alone over a swimsuit. It will definitely be a summer essential, along with these braided sandals.

tee: Truly Madly Deeply for Urban Outfitters
sandals: Sting Ray by BC Footwear

Monday, April 11, 2011


This is a perfect everyday reminder. Plus who doesn't love a super cute cat??

Friday, April 8, 2011

Festival of Colors

So in awe of these photos documenting Holi: The Hindu Festival of Colors. We love the idea of dancing in color to usher in springtime!

(all photos courtesy of and The Atlantic)

tee shirt of the week

Here are some things that rule, according to this awesome tee shirt: pizza, bike rides, late mornings and friends. We agree, and would like to add to the list: this shirt and these shoes.

tee shirt: The Radness Broken v-neck available at Karmaloop
shoes: Rabbits Foot wedge available from
BC Footwear

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

rock n roll crush

T. Rex is one of the best rock bands of all time. PERIOD. We're rockin out to this classic to get us through the mid-week slump.

Monday, April 4, 2011

holga goes to NYC

on our most recent trip to NYC we took the Holga camera out to is a little bit of what we captured running around the streets on our great adventure!

all about the hosiery.

London rocks in general but when London Fashion Week rolls into town, it brings the city to a whole new level of fierce.

Jo Lynch, of WGSN captured some fashionable folk walking outside of the fashion week events. Winter weather brings out layers and funky tights. It was a MUST share.

Which ones would you rock??


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