Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Get Your Paint On.

We've been feeling super crafty lately (as we've discussed) and sometimes lament the fact we are not pros at our passion yet.

We have a good baseline but definitely want to brush up where necessary; so what better place to start, then with this new painting workshop by Lisa Congdon and Mati McDonough called GET YOUR PAINT ON. (thanks for the find SFGIRLBYBAY)

This 5 week course is an art and painting bonanza. Does this describe you?

"Want to start painting but don’t know where or how to begin? Feeling stuck in your existing art practice and need a little kick in the pants? Wondering how others approach their painting process? Seeking a community of like-minded folks with whom to share your painting experience? Want to be inspired by weekly artist interviews, painting prompts and chock full painting lessons?"

Who doesn't want to feel inspired and play it out on canvas with a batch of fresh paint?? As they say, GET YOUR PAINT ON!!

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