Monday, April 23, 2012

furry friends

This week, Senior Shoe Designer Miranda tells all about her fancy feline friend Ruby.

Age: 9

Breed: Royal kitty bloodline.

Is there a story behind Ruby's name?
It was clear when I met her that she was a special sparkly jewel of a kitty.

Likes: Picnics (food), the spa (rolling in the dirt and then cleaning herself all day), holding court (making neighborhood friends), entertaining (she cuddles up to all visitors).

Dislikes: Sharing the spotlight.

What are her favorite places to hang out?
Sunny spots, my pillow (while I'm sleeping on it), my laptop (while I'm using it), piles of clean laundry (argh!)

Favorite treat: Rotisserie chicken and tuna. She also likes garbanzo beans, it's very strange.

What's the best thing about having a furry friend?
Her sassy kitty ways brighten each and every homecoming.

How would you describe Ruby's personal style?
Ladylike, yet she knows how to party!

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