Friday, September 13, 2013

LAUNCH music + fashion festival

Hi everyone! My name is Justina and I'm excited to be guest posting for BC today! 

Last weekend I got to attend the LAUNCH music + fashion festival held in Sacramento. There were promises of fun, good music, and lots of walking/standing on concrete. Here is when the eternal fashion girl dilemma of comfort vs. style comes in to play. But I conquered all in my new favorite sandal + boots. Not one blister. 
Take that, laws of possibility.

It was a good weekend, 
despite the absolutely looovely California heat threatening to incinerate us on the spot. 

I got a chance to see one of my favorite bands, The Cults, and eat some really good snowcones.
This was my first "official" music festival, so I really had no idea what I was doing and just sort of wandered around, letting all the different artists blur together into one really good soundtrack.
I also creeped on people with my camera because, well, if you have purple hair, 
you're just asking for people to take photos of the back of your head.

Just like by wearing my Eager Beaver boots I was asking for people to take pictures of my feet.
Street style photographers met: 14 

It was a lovely end to the perfect summer.
I came away with
 temporary partial deafness, 
some transfer tattoos of penguins,
and a deep appreciation of really good shoes.

Here's some advice: don't go to a music festival in bad shoes.

In fact, don't do anything in bad shoes.

But if you're wearing B.C. Footwear shoes this isn't even an issue for you, huh?


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