Thursday, January 31, 2013

furry feathered friends

You've seen our motley crew of pups and kittys, but today we'd like to introduce a more unconventional pet. Being allergic to dogs and cats, BC Footwear president Sari had to get a little creative when finding pets for her kids. Their extended family includes a turtle named Toby and three chickens, Rocky, Wilson and Arfur. Sari's son Aku answered our burning questions about their flock of feathered friends.

Names: Rocky, Wilson & Arfur

Ages: Rocky is 18 months old and the silkie sisters (Wilson and Arfur) are a few months younger.

Breed: Rocky's breed is buff orphington and she is pretty much a regular chicken, but special to me. Wilson & Arfur are silkies with hair instead of feathers. They are not suppose to get wet as they get easily sick. They are pretty special. They have dark blue bones and flesh and 5 toes, instead of 4. In Asia, they are considered delicatessen due to their dark blue meat. I would never eat them.

Is there a story behind how you got your chickens? I have always wanted pets, but my mom is allergic to hairy animals so we cannot have anything inside the house. I got my first chickens when I was 6 years old and I have loved them ever since. We have had more of them but some got eaten by coyotes and raccoons.

Likes: They love to dig in the dirt (that's how they clean themselves of any bugs.. They also love to search for bugs and insects for a snack.

Dislikes: They are scared of any loud noise and really don't like any type of ball, especially when we play soccer or baseball in our yard.

Favorite places to hang out: Under bushes and in the dirt.

Favorite treat: Watermelon

What the best thing about having chickens? They lay eggs for us and get rid of bugs and overgrown grass.

How would you describe the chickens' personal styles? Rocky is the boss and wherever she goes, the silkie sisters follow. The silkies are like fashion models and like to show off.

Thanks, Aku!

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