Friday, June 29, 2012

Swimwear and Sandals: The Pool

Swimwear is great when you look like a Victoria Secret model. 

Not. (Who even started that anyway?!) 

Regardless of what kind of body type you have, you're going to look amazing. You don't have to be paid to walk the runway or model sans clothes to feel confident this summer.  All you need is a cool swimsuit matched with a great pair of sandals and you're good to own that pool. You're sexy and you should know it (two thumbs up to LMFAO for this one). 

1 Mara Hoffman, Techno Animal Printed Swimsuit
2 BC Footwear, 'Spinning Plates' in Black
3 Deben Hams, Twist Front Bikini Top
4 Fat Face, Bold Stripe Tie Bikini Bottoms
5 BC Footwear, 'Spinning Plates' in Vachetta 

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