Monday, March 5, 2012

Shoe Redo with Mark Montano: Floral Shoe Clip

As promised, here is a peek at one of the awesome shoe redo projects we learned from Mark Montano at our Etsy Craft Night. Shoe clips are a fun way to liven up a pair of basic flats or heels. Add a shoe clip and it's like having a brand new pair of shoes! This floral clip idea by Mark is just in time for spring, and you can make it in no time flat.

• 5 squares of scrap fabric of different colors and textures (we included tulle)

• fabric scissors

• needle and thread

• pins

• flower template (we used this rose template from Martha Stewart weddings)

• 2 clip-on earring backs

1. Layer fabric with tulle as the top and middle layer

2. Pin template to fabric

3. Cut fabric and unpin template

2. Fold rose in half and stitch together

5. Cut fabric and unpin template Fold rose in half and stitch together
6. Loop thread through earring Secure flower to earring clip

photography & tutorial by Michelle Mayer

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