Thursday, December 8, 2011

Currently Inspired by.

It doesn't take much to get inspired around the holidays. But we dug a little deeper to see what we've been diggin' besides the festive spirit.

1. Nature - this is broad but it's always on our list.

2. Pattern Play - Patterns are everywhere and as they say, "prints are personal" but we're loving the material mash-ups that are popping up in both fashion and home decor.We say keep it up!

3. Change - A new year is approaching and with it comes the promise of so many new adventures. We say start early and go bold with your choices. Change is scary but more often than not, leads to new beginnings. 

4. Accessories - Lately we're feeling the more the better.One can never wear too many bracelets.

What are your current inspirations?

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