Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ode to Rachael Yamagata.

Rachael Yamagata is a singer-songwriter hailing from Arlington, VA. She has collaborated with the likes of Ryan Adams, Ray LaMontagne, Jason Mraz and Toots and the Maytals to name a few. 

From a personal perspective, her voice is hauntingly beautiful and one we could listen to over and over. Her new album, Chesapeake dropped today and we thought we'd share it to celebrate. 

Rachael's album inspiration, (in her own words)

"The songs are deep but not sorrowful and there is a sense of humor in some that can only come out when you are sleeping in a tent and considering the name ‘Frankenfish’ for the album title, but Chesapeake won out and Frankenfish became the name of my label. Midway through recording the album, we had a listening party bbq tonight where one person said to me that the songs sound like I’m in control of my own life now and I think she is right. Chesapeake has been made with a lot of love in the room (and tequila) and like the Frankenfish that can swim and walk on land is surprising the hell outta me."

Take a listen for yourself.  

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