Thursday, July 28, 2011

Meet Matthew Mayfield.

Matthew Mayfield's sound can be easily described as Jakob Dylan meets Adam Duritz. We can't really say he is a "new artist" because he's been around for us to stumble upon for 8 years but we think he's at his best now. (so does he actually see below)

"Now You’re Free is everything I want it to be. Honest, anthemic and diverse. The songs are full of hope, which in some ways is very new to me. They are the sound of a fresh start. I’m excited about attempting to change something with this record. It could be someone’s mood for a few minutes, the temperature in their room, or the way they watch the sunset driving down the interstate. Music has changed everything for me. I want to be a part of that for other people. 

So here I am. 27 years old and still climbing the ladder. Partially because I love it, partially because I’m addicted to it. I still tour in a van. I still rummage through the gummy worms at 4am fuel stops. I still look out the window for hours because I can’t sleep in a moving vehicle. I still miss home. And I still dream." 

In short, dream big and follow through. After watching the below video for his song MISSED ME we like him even more. 

Get on board folks, get on board.

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