Thursday, May 26, 2011

sit, sip and mingle.

We are in the know, so you can be in the know, you know?? ha ha... 

Anyway, The Beverly, a new hot spot is officially opening it's doors and we need one or all of you to meet us there to check it out and give it a good, long evening's worth of your time to make sure it is as amazing as it sounds.

Darren Dzienciol, Brent Bolthouse, and Guy Starkman; the owners and proprietors of Trousdale; have launched this club in the old space that used to house Guys on Beverly Blvd. It is industrial chic and was designed to be a laid-back hideaway with a spritz of glitz for the in-crowd to sit, sip and mingle in.

Get there. Just do it.
(courtesy of Refinery 29)

For more photos and details, click here. Cheers~

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