Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Road Trip: Des Moines!

The BC empire spreads its wings far and wide. We want to show love to our friends across the nation with a special blog feature. This month we are featuring guest blogger Mike Draper, owner and founder of RAYGUN, one of our spectacularly amazing BC retailers. Here he shares with us a little bit about his beloved city, Des Moines, Iowa.

Des Moines? Hell Yes. (by Mike Draper of RAYGUN)

It's hard to get much better than Des Moines. The girls are beautiful and level-headed, the men are strong and trustworthy, and the weather is a perfect 72 degrees for about 10 days of the year -- long story short: The Beach Boys wouldn't have looked so kindly on southern California if they had spent a little more time in the central Midwest.

So is Des Moines the greatest city in the universe? Yes.

And coincidentally, RAYGUN, the greatest store in the universe (we have the website if you don't believe us), is smack-dab in the middle of our fair city. But we aren't pulling all the weight for Des Moines. Though only a few blocks large, our little neighborhood not only has some of the best independent stores and restaurants in the region, it was also home to the 2008 campaign headquarters of Barack Obama leading up the Iowa Caucuses, and is the home of One Iowa, the group that lead the way to make Iowa only the third state to allow gay marriage with a unanimous State Supreme Court ruling.

Is your mind blown yet?

If you want to kill some time, here are some of the hot spots in Des Moines:

1) RAYGUN (obviously): www.raygunsite.com
2) Vitae (a great shop right around the corner from us): www.vitaedesigncollective.com
3) Vaudeville Mews (the best small music venue in the city): www.vaudevillemews.com
4) Gong Fu Tea (one of the best tea shops in the country): www.gongfu-tea.com
5) Dornink (custom made dresses): www.dornink.com
6) DMSC (a non-profit theater and art gallery): www.desmoinessocialclub.org
7) Fong's (a chinese pizza place): www.fongspizza.com

... but you're only scratching the surface with this online poking around. This city has to be seen to be believed, so just drop by.

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